Sometimes I post a young man with a strong, straining hard-on not because I am attracted to young men, but because it reminds me of when I was a young man with a strong, straining hard-on.

I remember how amazed I was at how big it got. How heavy it was in that stage of getting swollen before standing on its own, and how rigid it would stand when fully erect. I loved how my man size cock felt in my boy size hands.

Without porn I would imagine elaborate fantasies of girls stripping and letting me see their panties, and then their pussies through their panties, and then their pussies without their panties. I would imagine fucking these girls, these classmates and cousins, even before I really knew what that was like. And I would make myself cum.

Sometimes the sight of a pretty girl in a pretty dress would send me running to my bedroom or behind any locked door to stroke it off and get relief. Once, probably more than once, I made myself cum 11 times in one day.

And I had so much cum!

A girl in high school used to love to suck and stroke me off. She wasn’t even my girlfriend, and she didn’t want to fuck, she just wanted to play with my cock. I remember the first time she got me to be alone with her and she knelt down in front of me and gave me the first blow job I ever had.

She loved getting me alone and getting my cock hard and getting me to cum. She loved holding my balls and marveling at the strength and size of my erection. She loved watching me jack myself off. She told me, “Men never stop masturbating you know. You’re going to be doing this all your life.”

She loved sucking me to get me wet and then stroking me to get me off with both her hands. Many times she went back to class with cum in her hair and on her clothes because once started the blasts and streams and spurts could not be controlled or directed. A few times after shooting my load and starting to get dressed, we found cum dripping from the ceiling.

She wanted me to cum in her mouth but the first few times we tried, her mouth got too full too fast and she had to spit it out ungracefully. Then we figured out to get my thick dick deep inside her before cumming so the hot semen would go directly down her throat. But it had to be timed so she took a breath right before I orgasmed so that she could hold her breath long enough for all the cock contractions to be completed. If we miss-timed it she would gag or push me back so she could breath, either way causing a mess. I loved the feeling of my cockhead pulsing cum deep down her throat.

It doesn’t work quite as well as it used to but it still works pretty damn well, and it gets just as big. Especially when I receive submissions from cock-hungry women with or without dresses and with or without panties and I can imagine elaborate fantasies while I stroke my strong, straining hard-on and make myself cum.

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